Testimonials and Quotes

“Great job Sal. That was one of the best run shows we’ve ever been a part of, and that includes the UFC!”

Frank Munoz, Inspector for the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC)
Regarding Event Operations for Cage Combat FC’s Annihilation event

“ActionFight has really helped my career and Sal is one of the most professional people I’ve ever met in this business. The Marketing & PR services I received helped me get more exposure and sponsors.”

Robert Drysdale, BJJ Black Belt World Champion and Professional MMA Fighter

“Our venue has hosted thousands of events and I can honestly say that Sal has been one of the most organized and professional event managers I’ve ever worked with. He seems to have a system and backup plan for every aspect of his events. ”

Sheila Bissett, 1st Vice President, Aleppo Shriners Auditorium

“Sal has a great understanding of all the aspects it takes to run a successful show. The day of our events I never had to worry about the areas that Sal was assigned to, everything ran smoothly. This was tremendously beneficial to me, it let me concentrate on other aspects of the business the days leading up to the show and the day of the show. I would definitely recommend Sal’s services.”

Tully Middendorp, Managing Partner at Cage Combat Fighting Championships

“Sal has worked with me as a talent relations specialist for our show. He has not only never failed to get us interviews that we request, but has surprised us with amazing guests that we wouldn’t ever have thought about. The thing I enjoyed most was how easy Sal made it for us. He coordinates the interview times and follows everything through to the end. Very thankful to have worked with Sal Carillo and ActionFight Inc. and will continue to work with him.”

Carl Shimkin, President, MMA OUTLOUD Inc.

“VI Entertainment would like to thank ActionFight for their exceptional services. They’ve done a phenomenal job marketing our brand and helping us become an easily recognized company in the MMA industry. We’d also like to thank ActionFight for their assistance in operating our first two events, without you we couldn’t have done it.”

Brett Baker, President, VI Entertainment

“Tapout Training Center Antelope Valley would recommend ActionFight to anyone in MMA. ActionFight did an awesome job in organizing, managing, and marketing our events. ActionFight was also invaluable in helping us with PR and bringing on sponsors. Thanks again Sal and ActionFight, we look forward to working together again soon.”

Ken Chamitoff, Owner,  Tapout Training Center Antelope Valley

“Sal Carrillo with ActionFight Inc. is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people you’ll meet in MMA. He always delivers on what he promises, and has built a solid reputation as a result. All of his work is top notch.”

–Phil Lanides, Owner, Fight Of Your Life Communications

“ActionFight has made my job MUCH easier! As a manager I’m looking to get fights and sponsorships for my clients. Whenever I’m in a jam or can’t find something for my fighters I call on Sal. He’s so connected in MMA, he can get me in touch with promoters or match makers instantly. His sponsorship packages are outstanding and have made it easier for my fighters to get sponsorships in this economy.”

-Bill Murphy, President, FTG Management