Event Operations

ActionFight, Inc. offers unrivaled event operations for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events, Submission Grappling Tournaments and Kickboxing Events. Having worked with some of the top promotions in the world, ActionFight can handle all of your Event Operation needs including:

  • Venue selection and negotiation
  • Ticket management (vendor selection, ordering, printing, etc.)
  • FloorPlan creation (layout, seating logistics, ring/cage placement, drawings, etc.)
  • Equipment rental (chairs, bleachers, ring/cage, tables, pipe & drape, etc.)
  • Food, beverage and alcohol management
  • Business logistics (supplies, order management/tracking, printing, etc.)
  • Run of show (rehearsal, bout order, intermission, special guests, national anthem, etc.)
  • Staffing (security, ushers, ticket booth, production crew, locker room, etc.)
  • Employee/Contractor work flow (meetings, procedures & protocols, training)
  • Press/Media section (credentials, seating, logistics, filming, etc.)
  • Athletic Commission liaison (licenses, compliance, officials, weigh-in management, etc.)
  • Production Management (lighting, photography, videography, announcer scripts, etc.)
  • Pre/Post fight promotional events (after parties, meet & greet, autograph sessions, etc.)