Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorships are a vital component of the MMA industry for event promoters and fighters alike because they can help ease the stress of variables such as ticket sale revenue or win bonuses. The key to obtaining sponsorship revenue from potential sponsors is a top quality sponsorship package. In the old days of Mixed Martial Arts a sponsorship consisted of a fighter wearing a company logo on their shorts during a fight or an MMA organization putting a company logo on posters and flyers.

With today’s economy companies are looking for the best return on investment (ROI) they can possibly get from sponsoring an event or fighter. Companies expect their sponsored fighter or event to really work for them. In most cases companies are looking for exposure and entrance into the world’s hottest market (MMA). Potential sponsors also look for another key element: a great working relationship. Sponsors are constantly looking for spokespersons to represent their brand by being the face of the company to their key demographics.

A well developed sponsorship package is a way to present what you or your event can offer to a potential sponsor. It’s your chance to really sell yourself to the potential sponsor. At ActionFight we work closely with our clients to develop the best and hardest hitting sponsor packages possible. Depending on the situation, a sponsorship package can consist of anywhere from one to thirteen pages. Below is a one page sample taken from an ten page sponsorship package and company overview.